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Providing you with world acclaimed training programs - the blueprints you need to get results and achieve sustainable success for You, Your Team and Your Organisation.

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Success in business equates to the success of relationships.

Through our recognised qualification, and internationally acknowledged and award winning short courses, we provide you with the blueprints to build successful personal and business relationships that:

  • exceed the norm and excel with ease at any organisational level
  • accelerate personal goals
  • help retain top talent
  • increase business productivity
  • increase efficiency
  • increase profits


Through our recognised qualification, we provide you with the blueprints to build successful personal and business relationships.
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification
  • Potential for increased earnings and career advancement
  • National Recognised Training
  • Improve and develop your career skillset
  • Give yourself greater future career prospects
  • Beneficial for employees of both small and large businesses
  • Can fit the qualification around your individual and organisational requirements

Short Courses

We believe success is all about effective relationships and synergy.
Short Courses

Our short course programs are designed for individuals and companies that clearly recognize the contribution of effective relationships to successful results; and for companies whose business strategy and planning includes an investment in people.

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Build a healthy culture and enable your organisation to change for good.
Crucial Conversations Influencer Change Anything Crucial Accountablility® Training

VitalSmarts compared the strategies of those who succeeded at behaviour change with those who failed. We discovered when employees were able to dialogue around high-stakes topics, hold each other accountable, and remove barriers to change—resistance levelled and change occurred. VitalSmarts designs training courses to develop these skills both in individuals and organizations.

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